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"Custom" redirects here. For the custom capabilities in Return to Wonderland, see Custom Features.

The Wonderland Adventures game sub-series allows the player to create custom Stinkers. The custom Stinker creator interface has a very wide variety of hats never seen before, and allows you to fully customize your Stinker. To put a custom Stinker in the Return to Wonderland Level Editor, you must make it within a Custom Model, although it still can't move and will act as a statue; it will only have the appearance of a Stinker.


The following settings exist in the custom Stinker creator interface.

  • Hat: A few winter cap colours, a few top hat colours, wizard hats of all seven rainbow colours, a pirate hat, a few explorer hat colours, and more.
  • Eyes/Shoes: Stinky/Loof/Qookie/Peegue.
  • Glasses: Thick-framed orange sunglasses/thick-framed blue glasses/thin large black glasses/thin large red glasses.

MOFI exclusive glasses: Squarish Red Glasses/Eyepatches/Goggles/Fancy glasses.

  • Height/Width: Tiny/Small/Medium/Large/Huge.
  • Voice: Stinky/Loof/Qookie/Peegue.


  • It has been suggested that Custom is an actual stinker, rather than a simple element.

In Unofficial Levels and Games

  • A character named Custom will appear in an unofficial level series, having the same abilities as the element(Shape-shifting)as well as giving you different accessories and hats.
  • Emerald141 has actually created a name for the player character and plans to reveal it epically in a later unofficial custom adventure.