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WonderWiki General Rules and Editing Guidelines

While WonderWiki is an information source that can be edited by anyone who wishes, we do request you to follow a few rules.

Internal links: Internal links to a page should appear only once per article, unless they have different labels. In infoboxes, internal links do not count and may appear multiple times. Internal links may span multiple words. An internal link should not lead to the article it is contained in (for example, the page about UFOs should not have an internal link leading to the page about UFOs).

Formatting: The first occurrence of the article name in the opening paragraph of the page should be formatted in bold. For example: "Buttons are the triggers of certain kinds of events in Wonderland."

Punctuation and mood: Keep your writing neutral and emotionless, and avoid exclamation marks at all costs. (This applies only to articles.)

Stubs: A stub is an article that is short (only a few sentences) AND does not cover enough information. If an article is short because almost nothing is known about the subject, then it is not a stub. If an article is missing information but is not very short, then it is not a stub.

Editing: In order to prevent long sequences of history entries, always preview your edits before you save them. Do not rush edits. Go over the entire article, and fix any errors you find.

Citing sources: Citing sources is not required; however, it is strongly recommended. (This does not apply to User pages.)

Avoid subjective adjectives: One thing that may seem "simple" to you might not be "simple" to someone else.

Gender-specific pronouns: If a character's gender is not confirmed, either use the name of the character or default to "he". This makes articles more readable.

Respect others: Be polite to users, even when you disagree. Refrain from personal attacks. 3.studIo forums trolling and flaming rules apply here.

Requests: If you think that a page should be deleted, protected, or moved to another name, request it on an Administrator's talk page, or the talk page of said article. Alternatively, if you think an article should be deleted, place the Delete template on the article, and give a valid reason why it should be deleted.

WonderWiki Administrators' decisions are final: If you have any questions regarding an administrator's action, please either add a message to that administrator's user talk page, or contact tyteen4a03.