Mr. Zurkon

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This article is about an item of unofficial content. The content is not canon with the official Wonderland games.

Mr. Zurkon
GamesMyNameIsKooky's Custom Adventures, Lattius Road

Mr. Zurkon is a NPC Stinker created by MyNameIsKooky. He is quite large at size, and wears a Z-Bot hat and red goggles. His first appearance was in MyNameIsKooky's first normal adventure, Mysteries of Blargh Island, as an annoying road block. MyNameIsKooky liked Mr. Zurkon, so he decided to make him appear in his adventures on a regular basis to serve as an obstacle.


  • Mr. Zurkon always talks loud, as seen by the caps lock used in all of his dialogues.
  • Mr. Zurkon refers to himself in third person.
  • Mr. Zurkon refers to the player as "TINY BABY MAN".
  • Mr. Zurkon destroyed Mr. Billboard when the player asked for help in his quiz.
  • Mr. Zurkon temporarily teams up with the player in Lattius Road, Mr. Zurkon's Retarded Holiday I and II, and most adventures since Mr. Zurkon's Relic, with the exception of A Shiny Yellow Key.
  • Mr. Zurkon is always smiling no matter what is at stake.
  • Mr. Zurkon made a cameo appearance in Emerald141's custom adventure Chrasmist in Wondertown, where he had built a giant chimney to lure Santa Claws into bringing him a large airship.