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Power-Ups (also written as Power-ups and PowerUps) are items first seen in Stinky and Loof in Wonderland. They can be used if the player has trouble clearing a level but doing so will forfeit the ability to earn a Star for clearing that level without Power-Ups. Usage of Power-Ups require Power-Up Tokens. Power-Up Tokens can be collected for every 10 Stars earned or bought from the Energy Store.

Power-Up List

  • Hint (Free) - Show a hint for playing the level (Full solutions can be shown for 8 Power-Up Tokens)
  • Fewer Fireballs (1 Power-Up Token) - Increase cannon and UFO shot interval for 30 seconds
  • More Time (1 Power-Up Token) - Add 30 seconds to the level timer
  • Slow Enemies (1 Power-Up Token) - Slow enemy movement for 30 seconds
  • Slow Star Button (1 Power-Up Token) - Slow star buttons for 30 seconds so their effects last longer
  • Slower Game (2 Power-Up Tokens) - Slow down the entire game for 30 seconds