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This article is about an item of unofficial content. The content is not canon with the official Wonderland games.

Zapper is a character made for boywhoflies's Wonderland Platformer. Its name was thought of by LittleZbot.


Zapper's "profile" was made but never mentioned on the update topic. This was it:

A few days after the making of Zapper, he flew from the Planet Of The Z-Bots to Wonderland so he could be tested. He was not a new type of Z-Bot, just any old one. When he neared Wonderland, something happened. No-one is sure what, but whatever it was, it made Zapper fall out of the sky and land in the water. No-one knows how this happened either, but he did not explode, he just powered down and most of his programing got deleted. He then powered up again on a ship in front of Swashy. He then looked around, since he forgot his old programing, he tried to write a new one. He took a look at Swashy and thought he was with the Stinkers, and that was in his new programming.
Zapper was good now, ready to help Stinkers in their time of need. A few weeks later he and Swashy arrived at Wonderland. Swashy told the other Stinkers that Zapper was a friend of his, and to keep it that way, they gave Zapper a waterproof coating and new antennae made of the same material as magic gloves so he could protect himself. They didn't want his programing to be deleted again, since there was a chance he would become evil again.

Zapper's dead sprite.

"Swashy" is another character in the game, a cousin of Captain Bobo.


Zapper has the ability to fly using rocket boosters by pressing down. However, it has limited fuel and can't fly if it has none left. It will then have to land and refill to go again.


  • Zapper's "head" is actually a colorised blank smilie from Noob Free World, one of boywhoflies's websites, with a bit of extra detail.