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The Wonderland Discussion Board is to talk about Wonderland, post levels, and more. You can enter it by clicking here, or you can log in here, or register here.

Features With The Wonderland Discussion Board

The Wonderland Discussion Board allows you to:

  • Talk and interact with other Wonderland players.
  • Browse through the forums and see what's new in the world of Wonderland.
  • Download user made levels and play them.
  • Leave comments on user made levels.
  • Post your own levels for others to play.
  • Give help to other players who need help on certain levels, and ask for help if you are stuck on a level yourself.


The Discussion Board was created on November the 5th, 2003.

In early 2007, some big changes were made, such as a removal of forums World Highscores and Other Puzzles and Games. Midnight Synergy removed them because they were not used much. Following the release of Wonderland Adventures, the Level Solutions forum was split into two forums, one for level solutions of the Classic Trilogy, and another one for the Wonderland Adventures games.

Later that year, Midnight Synergy released a level editor for Wonderland Adventures and added three new forums relating to it, one for general editor discussion, another for Custom Adventures, and a third one for Custom Content.

In 2010, the off-topic forum was getting more silly and spam posts than before, so Midnight Synergy decided to lock it and make a new off-topic section with moderation in place.

In March 2014, when the v3.00 of Wonderland Adventures Editor was released, Midnight Synergy created a new category for it and renamed the old editor forum as Wonderland Adventures Level Editor (Legacy Version).

In May 2018, Midnight Synergy switched to a new server, updated phpBB to version 3.2 and also revealed a new look of the forum.


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