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Wonderland Adventures is the first game in the Wonderland Adventures Trilogy and the fourth Wonderland game made by Midnight Synergy. Its sequel is Wonderland Adventures: Mysteries of Fire Island.

New Features

The Wonderland Adventures series introduced countless new features, including: Custom Stinkers, Rainbow Magic: Blink and Pop and Brr, mouse control, Stinker NPCs, dialogs, hubs, inventories, and many, many more. It also introduced new textures and new music by Jonne Valtonen.


The game starts off with a calm atmosphere, but before long earthquakes begin occurring. It is later revealed that the cause for these earthquakes is the Thwarts - seven ape-like creatures who are trying to take the colour away from Wonderland. Only after getting the seven Rainbow Shards will the colour be restored to Wonderland. Along the way, the player meets Morklin, a wise Stinker who manages a Wonderland museum; Wysp, a baby rainbow star who comes to help the player every now and then, and many more Stinkers. The player learns how to use the Rainbow Shards to teleport all across Wonderland. The player learns to use three of the rainbow magic types and uses these to solve the many challenges and obstacles on the way. At the end of the game the thwarts become good and each becomes a different colour of the rainbow.

List of stars and tokens

Locations of all the stars obtainable may be found here.

Locations of the tokens may be found here.