Lazy Leaf Forest

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A map of Lazy Leaf Woods as seen in Wonderland Secret Worlds.

The Lazy Leaf Forest (referred to as the Lazy Leaf Woods in Wonderland Secret Worlds) is a small forest situated between the Mushroom Grove and The Plains.


Wonderland Secret Worlds

The Lazy Leaf Woods first appears on the map in Wonderland Secret Worlds. There are no levels that take place here making it inaccessible.

Wonderland Adventures

In Wonderland Adventures, the Lazy Leaf Forest is accessible after using Pop Magic to cross a river from the Mushroom Grove. From there, there are paths leading to the north and east. Taking the north path leads to an area introducing Dragonturtles, and the player must use their help to continue north. The path eventually leads to a clearing with several scattered trees, a hill, a stream running through the northwest side, and a river running through the eastern side. Several adventures can be found here that yield Mushroom Keys upon completion. Racerooni can be found practicing in the southeast part of the clearing and will challenge the player to a race if spoken to.

Taking the east path leads to an area with a river running through the east side separating the forest from The Plains. There is a bridge connecting the two sides with a gate that can only be opened by pressing a button on The Plains side. A stream runs across the north part of the area and feeds into the river. Another stream can be found closer to the river that flows out of a crevasse. Dizzy can be found on the bank of the latter stream. A sunflower field is located in the southwest part of the area that is tended to by Dreeny.


Most of these adventures yield Mushroom Keys upon completion. Eight Mushroom Keys are required to reach the Red Shard.

North area

  • Turtle Power (required to reach the clearing, does not reward a key)
  • Firing Squad
  • Pop Springs
  • Turtle Race
  • Pop and Blink
  • Chomper Cave
  • Helping Friends
  • Lazy Leaf Race

Bridge area

  • Double Lock
  • Good Flower, Bad Flower
  • Out of Sight (does not reward a key, the key is instead given by Dizzy before the adventure appears)