Mushroom Grove

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For the Wonderland Secret Worlds (WSW) level named "Mushroom Grove", see Mushroom Grove (level).
A map of Mushroom Grove as seen in Wonderland Secret Worlds.

The Mushroom Grove is a grove full of mushrooms located northeast of Wondertown that first appears in Wonderland Secret Worlds.


Wonderland Secret Worlds

The Mushroom Grove appears in Wonderland Secret Worlds as a sub-area of Wondertown. On the map, it is depicted as a white circle surrounded by six mushrooms. It contains only one level: Mushroom Grove.

Wonderland Adventures

In Wonderland Adventures, the Mushroom Grove is expanded upon. The grove is now owned by Pookie and Patooters. Pookie usually tends to the mushrooms while Patooters sells their crop in the Wondertown Market. There is also a crevasse in the upper part of the grove that contains the Red Shard as well as several treasures locked behind Mushroom Gates including Coins, Gems, a Gold Star, and a Token. According to Pookie, the crevasse opened up due to the tremors and speculates that the power emanating from the Red Shard caused several of the mushrooms to grow to enormous sizes. Zoopi Lala has a tent set up on the river shore east of the farm and teaches the player how to use Pop Magic which allows the player to cross the river and access the Lazy Leaf Forest.

The Red Shard is the only adventure located in the Mushroom Grove and requires 8 Mushroom Keys to access. The Token can be collected after unlocking 10 Mushroom Gates, and the Gold Star can be obtained once all 11 Mushroom Gates are opened.