The Plains

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A map of The Plains as seen in Wonderland Secret Worlds.

The Plains is a large, open, flat, and grassy area in central Wonderland. It borders Wondertown to the west and the Foggy Mountains to the north.


There are several notable landmarks in The Plains. The southern area consists of a peninsula where the Ocean View Harbour is located. A river runs through the eastern part and ends in a prominent delta as it reaches the ocean. The eastern area is also home to the Creepy Keep, a large castle that separates The Plains from the Forever Forest. Due west of the Keep is either a hedge maze in Wonderland Secret Worlds or The Labyrinth in Wonderland Adventures depending on the game. Qookie's cottage is located in the northern area just south of the foothills of the Foggy Mountains.


Wonderland Secret Worlds

The Plains serve as the fourth major area in Wonderland Secret Worlds. The levels are spaced far apart from each other with several of them taking place in the area's landmarks.


The following levels are accessible as soon as the area is unlocked:

By pressing right when the cursor is on Team Work, the player can access The Lost Cave. Five Gold Stars are needed to access the Creepy Keep. Qookie's Cottage is only accessible once eight Gold Stars are used to pass a road block between the maze and the cottage. The player must clear several levels in the Creepy Keep before they have enough Stars to bypass the aforementioned block. To progress to the Foggy Mountains, the player must obtain Qookie's Mountain Map which Qookie finds in the back of her shed.

Wonderland Adventures

In Wonderland Adventures, The Plains are accessible once the player has 25 Stars. The path out of Wondertown leads to an area with a cottage and the river delta. The Stinker that lives in the cottage reveals that they lost their good-luck Gem in a cave around the river mouth and asks the player for their help. Going south leads to the Ocean View Harbour. By going north, the player finds a bridge that connects to the Lazy Leaf Forest. The Gate there can be opened by pressing a button on The Plains side. Wheat fields are located further north with a Stinker wearing a straw hat walking around tending to their crop. The path here intersects with paths leading to the Labyrinth in the west and the Creepy Keep in the east. Another straw-hatted Stinker found in the north part of the fields explains that the Creepy Keep was bought by Count Dookie and is being renovated and that the lookout tower is the only visitable area. The player is then given a key unlocking the door to the tower. Going north from here leads to the base of the Foggy Mountain Footpath. Taking this path leads the player to the Ice Caves.


There are only two adventures here found within The Plains, neither of which are required to progress through the story.

  • Descent
  • Tower Maze

An additional Gold Star is located the center of The Labyrinth.


  • In an alcove near the delta
  • Behind a hill near the entrance to the Ice Caves