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Wonderland Secret Worlds is the third game of all the Wonderland games. It was released on the 1st of March, 2005. This game contains all features from the Return To Wonderland Deluxe Version, but this game does not have a level editor. At certain points in the game, there are picture-based cutscenes explaining more of the story.


The plot of Wonderland Secret Worlds is that all the Wee Stinkers have been blown away to beyond The Void and that Stinky, Loof, Peegue and Qookie have to rescue them.

World Map

A map of Wonderland as seen in Wonderland Secret Worlds.

This game is different from the other games in the Classic Trilogy, in that the way of progressing through the game is by moving across a world map. The more levels you complete, the more of the map you can access.

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