Memory Access Violation

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MAV as it appears in all Wonderland games.

Memory Access Violation (also known as MAV) is the most common error message in Wonderland, inherited from Blitz3D. It can appear in all six games and both editors, though it is more common in the Classic Trilogy games. The error appears when the program attempts to use a part of the memory that it's not authorized to use (therefore "violating" the operating system's rules).

Known Causes

The following events can cause a Memory Access Violation error.

  • WA Editor: Accessing an invalid .WOP file in the editor as an "object".
  • WA Editor: In versions older than 3.00, clicking anywhere south of the level when in Tile mode.
  • WA Editor: Having a Level Exit red arrow that leads to a level number that does not exist.
  • WA Editor: Having an NPC with their dialog set to a dialog file that does not exist.
  • WA Editor: Opening a level in the editor that has been converted to Mysteries of Fire Island format (using e.g. jafo1015's Editor Tools).
  • WA Editor: Having no levels to load.
  • WA Editor: Occasionally, on some computers, the player will MAV while checking for new levels if you have a level in the Downloads Inbox.
  • Classic Trilogy: In rare cases, loading a hex-edited level can cause a MAV.
  • Classic Trilogy: Motherships at the edge of the level area attempt to create UFOs outside the level boundary.
  • Classic Trilogy: Pressing Esc at the very moment you return to the selection screen from winning the level then pressing Enter or Esc again.
  • RTW Editor: Loading a level with Metatiles will always lead to a MAV.
  • RTW Editor: When selecting a level to load, if the level list does not fill up the screen, pressing a letter key will lead to a MAV (the editor has to scroll down, which it can't).
  • Return To Wonderland: After playing a level with more than 200 Rainbow Coins or Bonus Coins, a MAV may appear immediately upon exiting the game (depending on your computer).
  • Return To Wonderland: Doing certain things with 38 08.
  • (only on certain computers) Return To Wonderland Platinum: Recording a video with Fraps.

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