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The introduction of Return to Wonderland depicts a sunrise over the land.

Return to Wonderland (abbreviated RTW) is the second Wonderland game that came into existence. It is the most expensive game of all the Midnight Synergy games. It has a level editor, which allows you to create all kinds of levels, and also includes 155 levels ready to play.

Classic Edition

The Classic Edition of Return to Wonderland (abbreviated RTW or RTWC) had all of the objects that The Original Wonderland, but Boulders, Ghosts, Chompers, Plasma Boxes and more are introduced.


In the Classic Level Set, the story is about how the rainbow coins that kept Wonderland safe were scattered all over the land, and how Stinky and Loof collected them all up. This is also the storyline for The Original Wonderland.


Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition of Return to Wonderland (abbreviated RTWD) introduced Rainbow Spirits, UFO Motherships, Houses, Multi-height Walls, Decorations, a new set of tutorial levels, Powder Kegs, Prisms, Box Generators, Broken Z-Bots, Custom Houses, Custom 3D Models, new Stinkers Qookie and Peegue and other features.


In the Deluxe Level Set, the story is about how the Rainbow Spirits escaped from The Rainbow World, and how the Stinkers got them back to their home.


Platinum Edition

The newest edition of Return to Wonderland, the Platinum Edition (abbreviated RTWP), introduced some new gameplay elements, including Warp Gates, Transporters, Trampolines, Push Cannons, Sticky Cubes, Link Spheres, Shadow Stinkers, Custom Textures, Custom Backgrounds, and 3D First-Person Perspective View. Unlike the Classic and Deluxe Level Sets which are placed in the main Level Set menu, the Platinum Level Set is stored in a sub-directory inside the Custom Levels area.


In the Platinum Level Set, Stinky and Loof end up in the Fire World and have to get back home.


  • 1-7: New Shores
  • 8-12: Reunion
  • 13-18: You're Not Alone!
  • 19-20: Twist Ending

Level Editor

The editor has a simple, user friendly interface.

The Return to Wonderland level editor lets you create any kind of level with no limitations whatsoever. A level is made simply by placing the objects and tiles on the grid. The editor's power can also be extended by hex-editing the level; however, this should only be done by advanced users, because a wrong move may corrupt the level file.