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Coins are collectible items in Wonderland. They come in many forms.

Classic Trilogy Coins

Rainbow Coin

Rainbow Coins appear in Wonderland and Return to Wonderland. If you collect all Rainbow Coins in a level then you will unlock every Exit Gate in that level.


Key Coin

Key Coins appear in Wonderland Secret Worlds. They behave exactly like the rainbow coins do, but they have an image of a key shown on them instead of rainbow colours.


Bonus Coin

Bonus Coins appear in every game of the Classic Trilogy. When collected, they give the player 250 extra points. They are not required to beat a level.


Wonderland Adventures Series Coins

Gold Coin

Gold Coins appear in every game of the Wonderland Adventures Trilogy. They can be collected and used to buy items from merchants. They are not required to complete an adventure.


Token Coin

Token Coins appear in Wonderland Adventures. They can be used to unlock games in the Wondertown Arcade.