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Two levels in a Classic Trilogy level select. To the left is a level that Gold was gotten on. To the right is a level that was normally beaten.

In both the Classic Trilogy and Wonderland Adventures, Gold refers to beating a level 100% by collecting all items. In the custom level forum for Return to Wonderland, when people say "I got the Gold," that means they got all Rainbow Coins and Bonus Coins. The term "Gold" is not used often in the custom adventures forum for Wonderland Adventures. However, Gold is used as an official term in Wonderland Adventures. When completing a level with Gold on Wonderland Adventures, a message appears that says "You got GOLD! (All gems and coins collected)".

All Rainbow Coins and Bonus Coins in a level are required to get Gold in the Classic Trilogy. However, Alarm Clocks are not required to get Gold.

In Wonderland Adventures, all Coins and Gems in an adventure must be collected to get Gold.