I'm Broke!

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This article is about an item of unofficial content. The content is not canon with the official Wonderland games.
I'm Broke!
Created forReturn to Wonderland
Date of ReleaseJune 28th, 2009
Forum ThreadI'm Broke!

I'm Broke! is a Return to Wonderland custom level series by MyNameIsKooky. The series has an unreleased sequel, Zillius Z-Bots.

Plot Synopsis

The series starts when Stinky is playing one of MyNameIsKooky's levels (he is referred to as "Kooky" during the series). The level is mostly made of break tiles, making things bothersome. Kooky talks to Stinky through signs and tells him that he has gone bankrupt, so he has to use break tiles instead of floor tiles as to not go into debt. On his last sign using the last of his money, he tells Stinky to come to his Level Editing Studios to help him get his money back.

After traversing a river that leads towards Kooky's Level Editing Studios, Stinky ends up in the Thick Thicket. To get through the Thick Thicket, the player must collect all 113 Rainbow Coins and turn off all of the gates. The whole process takes about half an hour on average, although the level gives most players a MAV.

After emerging from the Thick Thicket, Stinky ends up at the entrance to Kooky's Level Editing Studios. When he asks why Kooky did not turn off all of the Laser Gates, Kooky seems to panic. Regardless, Stinky moves towards the entrance, but gets robbed by a Rainbow Spirit, causing him to lose all 113 of the Rainbow Coins he collected from the Thick Thicket. Kooky mocks Stinky before leaving Stinky locked outside of the entrance to Kooky's Level Editing Studios. Stinky manages to get in, hoping to get revenge by wrecking the place.

In the lobby of Kooky's Level Editing Studio, a Red Chomper named Chompil is doing admission. Chompil refuses to let Stinky through due to the orders he got from Kooky. Stinky then begins to try to find a way past Chompil. In the process, he meets Fred and Joe, two Gold Chompers that have a somewhat witty sense of humor. They tell Stinky that Kooky "hasn't really been himself" recently, which seems suspicious. After that, Stinky manages to get behind the front desk that Chompil is at, but he learns that Kooky recently hired a bunch of UFOs to work for him. Also, the Rainbow Spirit that robbed Stinky is apparently angry that it is being forced to work for Kooky.

Once getting past Chompil, Stinky convinces Chompil to help him get to the safe where his 113 Rainbow Coins are locked up. Chompil agrees to help, wanting to be the first to reach the safe and curious about Kooky's violent new behavior. The player must then navigate several levels of obstacles before finally reaching the safe, which is high up in the sky at the top of Kooky's Level Editing Studios.

By the time Stinky reaches the safe, it is getting dark and there is a storm brewing, which could be very dangerous. Just before Stinky enters the safe, Chompil informs Stinky that Fred and Joe are coming to help them try to free the captivated Rainbow Spirit, but there is no way back down to the ground. Also, Chompil is beginning to get suspicious if the person who Kooky seems to be really is Kooky. It might be an imposter.

After looting the safe and finally recovering his Rainbow Coins, Stinky finally reaches the place where the Rainbow Spirit is being held captive, but it is being guarded by all of the remaining UFOs that have not yet been destroyed. Stinky manages to run through during the storm as the UFOs wreck the entire top of the Level Editing Studios in attempt to hit him. He successfully frees the Rainbow Spirit before climbing to the very top of the Level Editing Studios where Fred, Joe, and Chompil are awaiting him.

It is revealed that the person playing Kooky really is an imposter. It is a red Shadow Stinker named Aname. Aname reveals all along that his plan was to get Stinky to navigate the convoluted Thick Thicket so Stinky could collect all of the coins. From there, Aname could simply rob him.

The penultimate level of the series is a boss battle against Aname. Once Aname is defeated, Stinky falls off of the Level Editing Studios in joy. He then lands on a tree where he bounces from tree to tree until he eventually reaches his house, where Fred, Joe, and Chompil came to meet him via a hidden one-way elevator. It is revealed that Kooky was actually on vacation all along without telling anyone to see how his Level Editing Studios would do. "Oh my, it seems to have received some structural damage," he says. Kooky probably will not be leaving his Studios again any time soon. The series ends with Stinky, Fred, Joe, and Chompil considering what to do with all of the Rainbow Coins from the Thick Thicket.