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Ww stinky.png
GenderPresumed male
GamesWonderland, Return to Wonderland, Wonderland Secret Worlds

Stinky is a character in the Wonderland games that lives in Stinky's Cove. He is the first character met in the Classic Trilogy games and is available in the Wonderland Adventures games as a playable character, along with Loof, Qookie, Peegue, and Custom. He is a medium sized stinker with a blue beanie, which has a red puffball on top, blue shoes with red decals and white laces, and on his hands are white gloves. He has dark blue eyes and sports a cheerful grin on any adventure.

List of appearances

Wonderland: Debuts in level "First Steps".
Return to Wonderland Classic set: Debuts in level "A Little Refresher".
Return to Wonderland Deluxe set tutorial: Debuts in level "Basic Moves".
Return to Wonderland Deluxe set: Debuts in level "Foreword".
Wonderland Secret Worlds: Debuts in level "Welcome back, Stinky!".
Return to Wonderland Platinum set: Debuts in level "New Shores".
Wonderland Adventures Trilogy: Potential to be a playable character.

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