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A picture of a Kaboom! from the Classic Trilogy of Wonderland.

Kaboom!s are enemies that appear in the Classic Trilogy. They also appear in Mysteries of Fire Island, however they are a friendly character and not an enemy. Their movement is faster than a Chomper but slower than a Broken Z-Bot.

In the Classic Trilogy, Kaboom!s do look like they are going to explode at some point, especially with the fuse at the top of their heads, but in Mysteries of Fire Island, they've learned to control their temper with the beautiful weather and with fresh air so they have calmed down and no longer explode (although Baby Boomers have not, and will still explode at some point, but are not as deadly as in the Classic Trilogy). They were concerned about all the damage they did in Wonderland and they thought they should stop.


Classic Trilogy

In the Classic Trilogy:

  • Kaboom!s and Stinkers will explode if they go next to each other.
  • Kaboom!s will explode if they go near to a Powder Keg or touch a Fireball.
  • Kaboom!s will explode if they are trapped (i.e. no space to walk around).
  • Kaboom!s will travel around its border.
  • Kaboom!s can push buttons and hold down buttons.
  • A Kaboom!'s explosion will destroy any movable object next to it.

Mysteries of Fire Island

In Mysteries of Fire Island, Kaboom!s are friendly NPCs living in Kaboom! Village, at the south of Fire Island. Since they are friendly, they don't explode (in some extreme circumstances they can explode, but it is not shown in the game), although in Mysteries of Fire Island there are younger versions of Kaboom!s called Baby Boomers who still can explode. In Mysteries of Fire Island, Kaboom!s come in 5 different colours: Red, yellow, blue, dark blue and purple.

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are young and have not learned to control their temper, so they can still explode (under player control). In other areas, Baby Boomers act like Wee Stinkers. They can still be rescued and go in Wee Stinker Exits. When a Baby Boomer explodes, it will set off fireballs in the 8 directions surrounding it. On the right is a picture of a Baby Boomer from Mysteries of Fire Island.

A picture of a Baby Boomer from Mysteries of Fire Island.

Baby Boomers are still technically babies and can't talk yet.

  • Baby Boomers will die if fireballs hit them.
  • Baby Boomers can be controlled by the player in the same way Wee Stinkers can.
  • Baby Boomers can be rescued and walk into Wee Stinker Exits.
  • Some Baby Boomers do not explode.
  • Baby Boomers will not fall asleep, unlike Wee Stinkers.
  • Baby Boomers will follow the player if freed, like a Wee Stinker.

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