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GamesWonderland, Return to Wonderland, Wonderland Secret Worlds

Loof is a character in the Wonderland games that lives in Stinky's Cove. He is the second character met in the Classic Trilogy games and is available in the Wonderland Adventures games as a playable character, along with Stinky, Qookie, Peegue, and Custom. He is a small stinker, the smallest of all the controllable characters, actually. On his head lies a multicolored beanie with a blue puffball. He wears the usual white gloves, and on his feet are purple shoes with laces. His skin appears to be slightly darker than Stinky's. His eyes are bright blue with small pupils visible, and he usually has a bright smile on his face.

List of appearances

Wonderland: Debuts in level "Introducing Loof".
Return to Wonderland Classic set: Debuts in level "A Little Refresher".
Return to Wonderland Deluxe set tutorial: Debuts in level "Introducing Loof!".
Return to Wonderland Deluxe set: Debuts in level "Team Chaos".
Wonderland Secret Worlds: Debuts in level "Stinky and Loof, Together Again!".
Return to Wonderland Platinum set: Debuts in level "Meanwhile...".
Wonderland Adventures Trilogy: Potential to be a playable character.

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