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GamesMysteries of Fire Island
Planet of the Z-Bots

Grennfleagel is a student of the green Rainbow Magic, "Grow".

Mysteries of Fire Island

When the player first meets him, he, Ace, and Darlee have just scared four Ice Trolls away by hollering and using Grow magic, after they froze Cedric-in-the-Morning, Darlee, Findel, Patooters, and Pookie. Afterwards, Grennfleagel tells the player who he is, what Grow does, that Sundog Island is the place where the Ice Trolls live, and that it would take weeks, on a treacherous voyage across the northern ocean, and a boat (which they don't have) to get there. He then tells the player what to do: unfreeze the currently frozen stinkers, then find the Star Key, find a way off Fire Island, and return to Morklin. He suggests to the player that he takes OondiOoni, Guggenheimer and Ace with him to explore the rest of Fire Island, and that the rest of the crew stay at the camp to protect it from further harm by the Ice Trolls. After walking to the east of the camp, Grennfleagel tells the player that OondiOoni, Guggenheimer and Ace are ready to explore but the player is not yet ready; he must first be shown how to use Grow. Grennfleagel then shows the player how to use Grow in an adventure.

After the adventure he tells the player to be careful of dangers which may lurk within. He stays in the east part of the camp until the player gains access to Sundog Island, at which point Grennfleagel follows the player there and tells him that he has done a terrific job by finding a way to Sundog Island and finding the lost Stinker pirates. He then tells him that he now has to get the Star Key back. Grennfleagel has his final appearance at Wonderfalls, when all Stinkers have been brought back by the Home Glyph. He tells the player that he is happy because he is finally home, and that he should hurry getting the Star Key to Morklin.

Planet of the Z-Bots

Grennfleagel is first mentioned when the Rainbow Stars claim that he was with the player on Planet of the Z-Bots, even though Grennfleagel never made any appearance on Planet of the Z-Bots. Grennfleagel's first appearance is on Jaava, where he is chased away by Grynklers. When the player finds Grennfleagel again he has been captured by the Grynklers. The player then meets Shiny and Shiny scares off the Grynklers by casting lots of spells which blow out their torches, make some big bangs and strange colours, and fling the player right in their midst.

The player, Shiny, and Grennfleagel then leave the area before the Grynklers come back. Grennfleagel then thanks the player for rescuing him and goes to Star Summit. When Wysp has been retrieved from Uo, Grennfleagel leaves Star Summit and follows the rest of the rainbow wizards through Planet of the Z-Bots to destroy the Void Crystal. Once as Planet of the Z-Bots has been destroyed Grennfleagel can be found with the other rainbow wizards and the Rainbow Crystal on the roof of the Wonderland Academy.