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Planet of the Z-Bots (also known as Wonderland Adventures 3) is the third and final game in the Wonderland Adventures Trilogy, and the sixth game in the whole Wonderland series. It was released on October 24th, 2013.


The story line follows from the end of the Mysteries of File Island. The Z-Bot starship crashes on the Planet of the Z-Bots, and the Z-Bots capture all the stinkers as well as Wysp. The player falls off and loses his memory. Once he wake up, he visits inside the Z-Bot complex and finds Zoopi Lala. Zoopi Lala tells him what happened and both the stinkers begin rescuing the other stinkers. On their way, they see the Void Crystal, which is the complete opposite of the Rainbow Crystal. Once they rescued all the stinkers and Wysp, Morklin told that the Void Crystal is to be destroyed to save Wonderland. Then they went to the Void Crystal chamber and Morklin uses Flash Magic to destroy the Void Crystal. However, just before the Morklin casts Flash Magic, Z-Bot Prime appears and he tries to eliminate everyone. But the Rainbow Stars cast their spell to rescue everyone from the Z-Bot Prime. Their spell scatters everyone across the different worlds of the universe. Player lands on Barren. He manages to find Twinkle. Twinkle tells him about Star's End and the Constellation Council. Then both Twinkle and Player escape from Barren, and went to the Star Summit. In the Star Summit, elder star Hawking tells player that the Void Crystal is destroying the universe and it should be destroyed to end the destruction. He further adds that the power cast by all the seven Rainbow Wizards can destroy the Void Crystal. But all the Rainbow Wizards were scattered around the different worlds of the universe. Fortunately, elder star Galileo tracks the location of the Rainbow Wizards and the player begins his rescue by visiting Wonderland. He then subsequently finds the other rainbow wizards and at last Wysp. They everyone visits the Planet of the Z-Bots to destroy the Void Crystal. They manage to destroy the Void Crystal and the universe is saved along with the destruction of Planet of the Z-Bots. Before the destruction, everyone escapes to Wonderland.

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These are the possible features on Planet of the Z-Bots which have been seen and briefly identified on the update thread in the discussion forums.

Update Thread Pictures

Here are all the preview pictures of Planet of the Z-Bots from the WA3 Update Thread. (click on an image to show the full-size version)


Dan Reynolds, who composed some of the soundtrack for Mysteries of Fire Island, has released parts of the new soundtrack for Planet of the Z-Bots. They are available on his website (click the banner labeled "Independent").

List of adventures

A list of all the playable adventures may be found here.

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