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The title screen from Wonderland

Wonderland (also known as The Original Wonderland, abbreviated to TOW) is the first game in the Wonderland series and in the Classic Trilogy. It was released on October 24, 2002.


Wonderland uses a mixture of puzzle and action gameplay which is used for all subsequent Classic Trilogy games. The player controls a Stinker named Stinky with some levels also featuring Stinky's best friend Loof. The objective of each level is to collect all of the Rainbow Coins and then exit through a Rainbow Gate. In levels featuring both Stinky and Loof, both Stinkers must go through the Rainbow Gate for the level to be considered complete. Optionally, Bonus Coins can be collected which increases the end-of-level score. Additional points can be obtained by eliminating enemies and clearing levels as quickly as possible.

The game uses various puzzle elements. Boxes can be used to clear paths, build bridges, and redirect enemies. Conveyors and Ice can be used to transport Stinky and Loof or boxes across the level or limit access to certain areas. Gates block off other areas and can be opened with Buttons. Other methods of traversing levels include the use of teleporters and bridges across water and lava. There are also various enemies that can either be avoided or be used to solve puzzles. These include Scouges (cannons that shoot fireballs), Coilies (springs that bounce around randomly), Kaboom!s (sentient bombs that explode if they are trapped or if Stinky or Loof get too close), and Z-Bots (robots that constantly move forward and are faster than Stinky and Loof). Additionally, some parts of the floor are electrified and can kill Stinky and Loof when active. Each level is themed around its respective world.

Level Elements





There are 80 levels spread across 10 worlds. Each world has a specific theme such as temple, cave, tower, desert, and outer space. 10 additional levels are available through The Playground, bringing the total number of levels to 90.