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A picture of the Retro World.

The Retro World (also known as A Void in Time in the load menu, the Floing World by Guggenheimer, and sometimes unofficially as the Floing Void) is a time rift created by Floing magic that appears in Wonderland Adventures: Mysteries of Fire Island. It is accessed by using the Time Glyph on the Magic Mirror in the Jungle Temple.


Upon entering Retro World for the first time, the player is taken aback by the strangeness of the place and speculates it's a rift in space and time, and Guggenheimer follows them inside. The player and Guggenheimer remark that it looks similar to the Void, but both agree it feels very different and that it is something else entirely. Guggenheimer feels a strong presence of Floing and feels as if the place is linked to Floing magic. There are pillars emitting red stars that act as gateways to the player’s and Guggenheimer’s own pasts and act as a lens of Floing magic allowing them to travel much farther back in time than usual. A Floing Orb can be used on a pillar to channel the Floing magic. Guggenheimer urges the player to use an orb on a nearby pillar which leads to the first Wonderland level ever: First Steps.

Adventures in Retro World are divided into four distinct sections connected by rainbow bridges. All the adventures in the first two sections of Retro World are remakes of levels from Wonderland. Three of the adventures in the third section are original levels in the style of Classic Trilogy levels while the fourth is a remake but operates very differently from its original counterpart. The final level, Remembering Shorty, serves as a memorial to the Wonderland Discussion Board member Shorty who had died prior to the release of Mysteries of Fire Island due to illness.


The completion of an adventure in the first 3 sections activates a part of the rainbow bridge leading to the next section, and all adventures in a section must be completed to progress to the next section. Only the first section needs to be completed to advance the main story.

First Section

Second Section

Third Section

Fourth Section

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