Creepy Keep

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A map of the Creepy Keep as seen in Wonderland Secret Worlds.

The Creepy Keep is a castle. It has a lookout just outside the southeast part of itself. It is east of The Plains, west of Forever Forest, south of The Foggy Mountains and north of The River Delta.

In Wonderland Secret Worlds it is gloomy and infested by enemies such as Ghosts.

In Wonderland Adventures Count Dookie buys the Creepy Keep and closes it for renovation. You cannot go inside it except for the lookout.

In Planet of the Z-Bots, you will meet Count Dookie in Acadamy and get a key to the Creepy Keep. You'll find two of the Rainbow magic students, Zoopi Lala and OobibanDeNoobi, inside the Creepy Keep. You must make it to let them go to the Star Summit.