Temple Ruins

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For the Wonderland Secret Worlds (WSW) level named "Temple Ruins", see Temple Ruins (level).
A map of the Temple Ruins in Wonderland Secret Worlds

The Temple Ruins are the remains of an old temple south of the Windy Hills. Deep inside the temple is the Rainbow Pool.


Wonderland Secret Worlds

The Temple Ruins appear in Wonderland Secret Worlds as a sub-area of Windy Hills. On the map, it appears as several roofed structures supported by two pillars with the levels seemingly taking place inside these structures. Seven thinner pillars at the south part represent the amphitheatre.


Both the levels in the Temple Ruins must be completed alongside the Windy Hills levels to pass on to Wondertown.

Wonderland Adventures

The Temple Ruins as they appear in Wonderland Adventures

The Temple Ruins are accessible in Wonderland Adventures after obtaining a purple key from Morklin when 4 of the Rainbow Shards are collected. According to Morklin, the temple was built by ancient Stinkers long before the construction of the Wonderland Temple in Wondertown. In this game, the ruins consist of a main temple that houses the Rainbow Pool and several smaller structures nearby. At first, the deeper parts of the main temple are blocked off by a gate. Two rainbow keys are needed to unlock a room with the button needed to open the gate. Once past the gate, the player must raise bridges leading to the Rainbow Pool. Once the player crosses the Rainbow Pool, they can use the Shards to teleport across Wonderland.


The inside of the main temple in Wonderland Adventures

Adventures required to progress are in bold.

Outside the main temple

All of these adventures reward rainbow keys. At least two must be cleared to access the button in the main temple.

  • Seven Locks
  • Stinkers in the Dark
  • Teleportation

Inside the main temple

Two adventures must be cleared to raise the bridges leading to the Rainbow Pool.

  • One Way Tickets
  • Changing Colours
  • Picking Colours
  • Underground Aqueduct
  • The Rainbow Pool


  • Outside the main temple, next to the structure containing Seven Locks
  • Inside the main temple, clear all 4 adventures to raise a bridge to the Token