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A map of Wondertown as seen in Wonderland Secret Worlds.

Wondertown is a recurring location in the Wonderland series. It first appeared in Return to Wonderland Deluxe Edition and has made further appearances in Wonderland Secret Worlds, Wonderland Adventures, and Wonderland Adventures: Planet of the Z-Bots. It is run by Mayor Peegue.

As of Wonderland Secret Worlds, it is bordered by the Windy Hills to the west, the Mushroom Grove to the northeast, and the Plains to the east. The Old Windmill can also be found to the southwest.

Return to Wonderland

Wonderland first appears as the fourth world of the Deluxe Levels set introduced in Return to Wonderland Deluxe Edition and contains five levels. The world introduces Peegue who discovers that several Wondertowners have gone missing. He discovers this is due to UFOs invading Wondertown and decides to take them out. He takes out the last UFO in the City Centre. Just as he is about to celebrate, hidden motherships appear to dispense more UFOs which eventually overwhelm Peegue.

Wondertown is revisited in And Then There Were Three and Secret Passages. All levels taking place in Wondertown use the "Castle" texture and "Walls" background.


The following levels also take place in Wondertown:

Wonderland Secret Worlds

Wondertown serves as the third major area in Wonderland Secret Worlds. The eastern part of Wondertown is restricted, and Peegue's Wondertown Pass is needed to access it and reach the exit to the Plains.


The following levels are accessible as soon as Stinky and Loof enter the area:

After obtaining Peegue's Pass, two more levels can be accessed:

Ten Gold Stars are needed to pass on to the Plains. This makes Wondertown the first area where the player does not need to complete all of the levels to pass on to the next area. Additionally, if the player presses down while Two for Two is highlighted, they reveal the Old Windmill on the map.

Wonderland Adventures

Wondertown serves as a major location in Wonderland Adventures. It is split into five distinct areas.

Western area

The western area contains the gate to the Windy Hills. The Wonderland Temple is found to the north, and the entrance to the Wonderland Sewers is found to the south. The latter is blocked off by an indigo Gate and can be unlocked with a key from Morklin. Initially, it is the only area in Wondertown the player can access since a Stinker with a black bowler hat blocks the bridge to the Marketplace until everyone can get to the bottom of the ongoing tremors and contain any possible danger to the western area. After Wysp tells the player about the Thwarts, the Stinker moves out of the way, and the player is allowed to access the rest of Wondertown.


The Marketplace is a densely populated area with a fountain in the center. It connects to the areas in the west, north, and east. Some wee Stinkers are playing Catch around the fountain, and a trio of performers known as the Dancing Fruitbeasts can be found dancing just to the south of it. MooseJaw runs a shop in the northeast part called MooseJaw's Merchandise. Ace can be found relaxing in the sun east of the fountain. They comment that the sun is feeling a little too hot and probably shouldn’t stay out too long, but if the player gives Ace some sunscreen, they decide to relax a bit longer and reward the player with a Star. Southeast of the fountain is a mushroom stand run by Patooters. To the very south is a sign that can only be read once all 105 Stars have been collected.

Eastern area

The eastern area contains the gate to the Plains to the east and the Wondertown Fort in the northern area. It is directly east of the Marketplace. Notably, Noosee can be found here waiting for a letter from their friend Jaana in Forest's End. They reward the player with a Star when the player delivers Jaana's letter.

Northern area

The northern area is directly north of the Marketplace and contains a bridge over a waterway. The gate to the Mushroom Grove is located to the north, and Guggenheimer's house is in the northeastern portion.

Park area

The park area contains a large park covering much of the area. Two notable buildings are in this area: the Wondertown Video Arcade and Znoo-Znee's Security Services, the latter of which being closed.


Most of the adventures in Wondertown are found in sub-areas like the Wonderland Temple, the Wondertown Fort, and the Wondertown Video Arcade. Additional Stars can be obtained from MooseJaw, Ace, and Noosee after fufulling certain conditions. There are two adventures not in any sub-area where the player helps citizens unlock Znoo-Znee's locks: the Gem Lock 4000 near the exit to the Plains and the IXS-2 Water-Lock in the park area.

Planet of the Z-Bots

In Wonderland Adventures: Planet of the Z-Bots, Wondertown is accessed in the post-game immediately after the Planet of the Z-Bots is destroyed. The player starts out in the Marketplace with the other areas blocked off due to the mess the Z-Bots created. To the south is a new location: the Wondertown Central Park. It is a large grassy area with a duck pond in the southwest portion and an ice rink in the southeast area directly to the south of a monument shaped like a Star Ship. The Ice Trolls helped make the ice rink, and the Thwarts helped build the monument. The sign in front of the monument reads "In Honour of the GREAT STINKER ADVENTURE". A Rainbow Portal to Star's End can be found to the east of the park.