Windy Hills

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A map of Windy Hills as seen in Wonderland Secret Worlds.

Windy Hills is a hilly region in western Wonderland. It borders Stinky's Cove to the north, the Temple Ruins to the south, and Wondertown to the southeast.


As the name implies, Windy Hills contains many big hills particularly in the western portion. A lake can be found in the eastern part of the area with a couple more hills north of it.


Wonderland Secret Worlds

Windy Hills is the second area visited in Wonderland Secret Worlds. Although it is relatively medium-sized, Stinky and Loof only visit the central and eastern parts. One notable location they come across is Hollow Hill.


All the levels in Windy Hills must be completed alongside the Temple Ruins levels to pass on to Wondertown.

Wonderland Adventures

Windy Hills is the starting location in Wonderland Adventures. The general geography of the area is roughly the same as in Secret Worlds, though there are now rivers and streams running through the hillier areas plus a few waterfalls. Two notable additions include Jedlic's Windmill and a cave system behind it. The Orange Shard is found in the eastern part of the caves. The Stone Wall separates Jedlic's Windmill from the eastern part of Windy Hills and can only be opened with a key from the windmill. There is a bridge across the lake though it is initially broken due to the tremors and Transporters must be used to cross. The entrance to the Temple Ruins can be found off the west shore but requires a key from Morklin to enter. Cedric-in-the-Morning, Looleen, and Booleen have set up camp close to the lake's southeastern shore and is where the player is introduced to Rainbow Magic, obtains the Magic Gloves, and is taught Blink Magic. Other notable events include the player meeting Pootsy who asks them to rescue some wee Stinkers that got trapped in the caves and encountering the Thwarts for the first time.

There is also a hidden area in the west part that can only be unlocked with a rainbow Key from the Temple Ruins. It seems to be inspired by Stinky's Cove though it is much smaller. A Gold Star can be found in front of each of the houses, and a Token is located behind the southern house.


Adventures required to progress are in bold.


  • Stinker Rescue, Part 1
  • Stinker Rescue, Part 2
  • Treasure Springs
  • Passage of Fire
  • Frostbite Caves

Jedlic's Windmill

  • Scritter Control

East of the lake

  • The Magic Gloves
  • Hop, Skip, and a Blink!
  • Fire & Ice